"My beautifully wrapped Frankincense parcel arrived this morning!  Thank you so much for a lovely product.  I realise now the difference between your product and the frankincense I have been buying all these years is huge.  I can feel the positive effects of your frankincense already before I even burn it. Thank you so much.  I look forward to purchasing from you again and I will certainly be telling my friends about you."  Ireland

"Just wanted to let you know the package arrived. I just opened it, and was immediately elevated by the divine Frankincense smells as I excitedly went through each bag. By the way, your packaging is impeccable. I love the little fabric bags you sent the resin in -- so perfect."  Miami

"I received my order from you a week or so ago. I am writing to say the quality of your frankincense is fantastic. I have done side by side comparisons with local store-bought frankincense and there is NO comparison. Yours is smooth, one might say delicate, yet has a depth of scent with many unfolding nuances. The scent lingers, yet still even an hour later smells somehow fresh, inviting, and natural. The three others I tried were harsh, one note and smelt almost chemical. You have a happy customer who will be places many orders in the future!"  Ottawa

"A friend suggested that I try some essential oils.  After searching the Internet for a couple days, I chose your business to order from because of the quality of your products and the kind comments written by your clients.  Your customer service is a breath of fresh air in today's world."  Washington

"I received my Frankincense and it is simply wonderful!  Thank you so much for all the little extras ... deeply appreciate it!  The mud soap is simply awesome, loved it!  [T]he fragrance of the frankincense was simply divine!  And the oil too!" Washington

"I've enjoyed the Royal Hojari frankincense so much that I've just ordered a full pound of it. I thought you'd like to know. The soap is really great too! Thank you so much for including it. Thank you for offering all this great stuff!"  Florida