Soaps & Facial Mask

We are re-designing our soaps, and will have them available for you in March and April.  Your patience is appreciated.

Did you know ... many bar soaps, such as Dove, Ivory, Caress, Tone, Dial, Zest, Olay, Jergen, Safe Guard, Lux, and Suave, contain saponified pig fat as their base when other sources are unavailable?  They get it from slaughter houses! Image lathering your body up with the fat of a dead pig.  Leviticus 11:8 says, "... their [pigs] carcases shall ye not touch; he is unclean to you."  The fact that pig fat oil molecules combine with sodium hydroxide molecules to make soap doesn't change the fact that it's still a dead pig.  Oy Tamei!  

Choose Tahor instead!  Ha'LEVONAH's soaps are kosher.  We use non-GMO vegetable oils to produce fine cold-processed, hand-made artesian soaps with natural, cruelty-free Tussah silk to provide you with a silky glide for a sensory experience of being luxuriously clean.

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